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Note: If you reserve a seat as an individual you will not be able to reassign the seats at a later date to join a group.

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    Group Registration deadline is Thursday, May 4, 2017

  2. Note: There will be separate seating (men and women) for the General Public. General public seating will be on a first come first serve basis within your assigned zone.

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Reservations & T-Shirts

A limited number of seats remain. Reservations are available on a first-come first-served basis.

The cost for a seat at the parade is $6 per child/adult (includes T-Shirt — shipping and handling charges may apply).

Please select your T-Shirt sizes.
T-Shirts will be required to enter the seating areas.

Upgrade to VIP
  1.   $500 per seat
  2.   $500 per seat


The full-day celebration—parade and fair—is themed on Jewish unity and pride, leaving each participant uplifted and feeling proud of who they are. The Parade itself attracts tens of thousands of Jewish people from all over the country and from every walk of life. 100,000 more watch the live event online. The expenses are enormous.

Yes! I would like to help the Parade by contributing the following additional amount:

  1. $5,000—Sponsor a Possuk 5 VIP Seats
  2. $4,000—Sponsor Birchas Kohanim 4 VIP Seats
  3. $3,600—Sponsor the Tzedoka 4 VIP Seats
  4. $1,800—Sponsor a Float 3 VIP Seats
  5. $1,000—Sponsor a Ride 2 VIP Seats
  6. $500—1 VIP Seat 1 VIP Seat
  7. $360 Sponsor a bus for Public School students
  8. $180 10 x Chai Rotel
  9. $100 Upsherin Float
  10. $72 4 x Chai Rotel
  11. $54 3 x Chai Rotel
  12. $36 2 x Chai Rotel
  13. $18 Chai Rotel
  14. Other $
  15. No Thanks

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1-2 shirts is a flat $5 shipping fee, 3+ shirts will be a calculated fee

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