Jewish Children’s Museum

The Jewish Children’s Museum provides exhibitions and programs for all children in an educational and entertaining format. Through contemporary technology and a hands-on approach to learning, visitors experience Jewish history, values and traditions in a manner that inspires an increased interest in Jewish culture. Primarily, the Museum serves elementary school-age children and their families, and is a resource and model, nationally and internationally, for interactive education on Jewish themes. The Museum is a setting for children of all faiths and backgrounds to gain a positive perspective and awareness of the Jewish heritage, fostering tolerance and understanding.

Chayolei Tzivos Hashem

Drawing on years of experience reaching out to less affiliated Jewish Children, Tzivos Hashem turned its attention to providing inspiring programing and activities for children within the religious community. Chayolei Tzivos Hashem has been designed to give children a sense of pride and belonging, an appreciation for what they do and inspire them to want to do more. Since its inception, CTH has captured hearts and minds of children worldwide. Children feel empowered and special to be entrusted with the Rebbe’s mission to bring Moshiach. As a uniquely tailored program, each child is able to climb the levels and ladders of the Army of Hashem according to their capabilities, giving them confidence and encouragement as they grow at their own pace. At monthly international webcast rallies, recognition and honor is given to students who have gone up in rank. Participating schools also have custom made mission sheets that help students advance in Hashem’s Army. As children complete missions, they earn medals to be placed in their rank books and work themselves up towards a promotion, for all missions, global, local in full or in part, students can earn “mileage points”. They can scan mileage into their personal CTH account using specially designed and programmed kiosks. CTH hosts monthly HQ global raffles where children who have completed missions can have a chance to earn prizes. There is also an online prize store where children can use their points. Piloted in 50 Lubavitch schools, Chayolei Tzivos Hashem’s goal is to continue to develop the program in Hebrew Schools and camps for children of all backgrounds across the world. The program is sponsored in part by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and Rabbi Shaya Smetana of

Livings Lessons

Living Lessons is a grass-roots effort to create high-quality Torah learning materials for children. Benefiting from the latest educational methods, and without compromising our rich foundation, a group of dedicated individuals have undertaken the monumental task of preparing materials to make Torah engaging, meaningful and exciting to learn and teach. Our name says it all: Living Lessons empowers our children to bring the lessons of the Torah to life.

Friendship Circle Brooklyn

While many organizations address the issues of children with special needs, most are focused on goal-oriented therapeutic care. The Friendship Circle brings another dimension - unconditional love and friendship. Children with special needs often endure loneliness and isolation because of a lack of friends and social opportunities. By developing friendships between youthful spirited teenagers and children with special needs, the Friendship Circle has yielded incredible results. The volunteers have been able to reach the children in ways that professionals, or even family members, have not. Furthermore, the program has had a profound effect on the teenagers themselves, instilling within them the values of giving and gratitude and a sense of connection and responsibility to the Jewish community.

Bat Mitzva Club

The BMC phenomenon has touched more than six continents, 30 countries and more than 3,000 girls. With more than 400 BMC chapters worldwide, it’s safe to say that you have Jewish friends across the globe, and you can connect with them in a real way. Our cultures may differ, but our hearts beat as one BMC. Founded in 1993 by a mother and educator with a passion for teaching tween girls, BMC empowers you to become a strong, smart, spiritual individual who understands there’s more to a Bat Mitzvah than a party.

Hachai Publishing

Hachai Publishing has been a source of quality Jewish children’s literature for a quarter century. More than 80 books now fill Hachai’s catalog, each maintains Hachai’s goals of printing beautiful books, on quality paper, with wonderful illustrations and fabulous story lines. As always, they are without violence and other unhealthy topics. Each one has a message, a lesson in life, which young readers benefit from. Hachai continues to reach higher. Hachai’s publication Perfect Porridge won the 2000 Parents’ Choice Recommended award. In 1998, Hachai’s publication ‘Nine Spoons’ received the prestigious Sydney Taylor Award for the Best Children’s Picture Book. The book was reviewed and praised by US News and World Report, Horn Book, School Library Journal and others. Selected Hachai Publications have been translated into six different languages.


Through innovative, educational, and playful missions, children discover a love for Torah and Mitzvos, while simultaneously establishing their own unique identity as a Jewish child in today's world. The journey is made even more exciting with Tshirts, baseball caps, prizes, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Great Jewish Big Rig

The Great Jewish Big Rig, a fun and exciting mobile experiential center for children, transports the joyful celebration of Jewish life to schools, fairs and cities. It brings key themes of Jewish history, values and traditions to life through contemporary technology and a hands-on approach to learning. It conveys the richness and delight of Jewish traditions, in a manner that inspires increased interest and involvement in Jewish culture. As a traveling event, it affords far-flung communities and locations—regardless of size—an opportunity to benefit from this unique educational experience. It brings a greater insight into our mutual connectedness and responsibility, and Purpose in life. The GJBR is also a setting for children of all faiths and backgrounds to gain a positive perspective and awareness of the Jewish heritage, fostering tolerance and understanding.


There is no need to elaborate on how much it means to the Rebbe that every man, woman, and child study the daily portion of Rambam. The goal of the Chidon is that every Chayol in Tzivos Hashem to have a clear understanding of all 613 mitzvos of the Torah as codified by the Rambam—so that for the rest of their lives, when they study the daily shiur, they will be able to comprehend it properly. Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch and Tzivos Hashem Headquarters, in partnership with Chabad Schools Worldwide, have instituted the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos as a motivation for chayolim to review the 613 mitzvos and commit them to memory. It is well-proven that the children who actively participate in the chidon have a lasting knowledge and appreciation for Sefer Hamitzvos, even many years later.

Jewish Workshops

Founded in 1980, the Tzivos Hashem Craft Workshop has taught thousands of children about Judaism through innovative and hands on activities. Its ten workshop options include the Model Matzah Bakery, Havdalla Workshop, and Chanukah Oil Olive Press.

Moshiach Times

Illustrated by famous cartoon artists and written by professional writers, the Moshiach Times is a Jewish children’s magazine of the highest quality, packed from cover to cover with stories, games, jokes, puzzles, and comics. In every issue, the popular cartoon character “Shpy,” fumbles his way to a victory of good over evil. “Heroes of Old” features stories of real life Jewish people who have overcome difficult obstacles. Subscribers to Moshiach Times have spent many happy hours reading the magazine written just for them.

A brand new mega-site created together with is the place for children to click and enjoy the best of Tzivos Hashem in cyberspace. Visitors to the site can download holiday games, enjoy animated holiday stories, send e-cards and enter Tzivos Hashem’s popular contests. Jewish fun has a new address on the web.


The United Fund for Jewish Children of Eastern Europe facilitates the use of a sprawling and beautiful campus for orphans, and children with less from all over Ukraine to come together and celebrate a meaningful holiday. We provide activities, trips, nourishing meals, medical care and most importantly, a dedicated group of warmhearted staff members who provide love and affection to children who so desperately long for a family.

Jewish Children’s Fund

The Jewish Children's Fund is on call year round for those in need providing struggling families with basics such as pantry staples, warm coats in the winter, and of course, supplies and treats so families can celebrate holidays with joy and no worries.