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Dear Shluchim,

The classic 12-pessukim booklet has been reprinted and is available for your community! To view the booklet, click here.
The booklets were originally created in תש”מ and the Rebbe edited and reviewed them (“mugah”). Throughout the years, these classics have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of children around the world.
We are now offering them to Shluchim to distribute in your camps, Chabad Houses and communities for children to memorize and internalize these amazingly powerful pessukim and Maamorei Chazal, as the Rebbe wants.
They are being offered now at a special rate of $0.25 each, plus shipping.
Order now for your camps and communities!
Please fill out the order form below to place your order, or for questions, please e-mail shterna@jcm.museum or contact (718) 907-8800 from 9AM -5PM Monday – Thursday.

Wishing you much hatzlachah,

Tzivos Hashem

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