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In 150 cities around the world, children dial in to the Superphone to hear Jewish stories, Torah mystery minutes, Torah thoughts, and candle-lighting times. Through a special Superphone function, they can even find out the date of their Jewish birthday.

The Rebbe Speaks to Children

Published in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, the books feature speeches of the Rebbe, which he addressed to members of Tzivos Hashem. Even when the thoughts are deep, the messages are crystal clear. Organized by topic, these volumes speak volumes.

The Tzivos Hashem Kids Magazine

Children across the world experience the Jewish holidays in a completely new and invigorating way with the exciting Tzivos Hashem Kids Magazine. Published four times a year, each full color holiday issue captivates its readers with educational and stimulating entertainment, such as stories, history fun facts, puzzles, comics, and fun pages. There are also attractions for adults in the family with the ‘Holiday Guide for Dummies!’ The magazine is currently printed in nine languages including Farsi with over one million readers.